Thursday, July 16, 2015

Freedom Ride goes to Stagville, Workshop with Mike Wiley and Eucharist with Bishop Curry

Yesterday we went to Stagville. Before we left, we spent 15 minutes praying, writing, and drawing pictures as a prayer in color. We spent a little time before that reading and listening to the stories that the slaves told. I drew a bird in watercolor pencils that was supposed to represent how it might be chained down but it's voice is free. I was praying for those who suffered and that their voices may never be silenced.
- Michelle Kane

yesterday it was really touching for me. I got to see where the enslaved people
were put and, heard how they lived their life and more. I really feel bad for them. i love freedom ride because I'm learning / seeing so many things that i didn't get to learn well in school. This was a great idea to come here.
- Ana Linares

Yesterday was my first time listening to one of Micheal Currey's sermons in person, and it was amazing. Bishop Currey is so lively in engaging the crowd and really bringing his message to life. It soon became very obvious why everyone was saying that they thought he would be the next presiding bishop, because after a very intense day of looking back at the heart of slavery he was able to enlighten everyone in the pews and make them smile.

-Kevin Brig

Yesterday I listened to Bishop Curry preach for the first time and it was very good. To be able to enter into the slaves home was amazing. it was very cool to see the old slave houses, and then the updated Hart house. I loved learning about them and this trip is very fun so far.
-Josh Keaton

I think that the most powerful thing about yesterday was historic Stagville. There, we learned of the tragedy the enslaved people endured there. (NF)

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