Thursday, July 9, 2015

Group from Botswana and Cathy from Cape Town
 Our guests from Botswana and Cape Town have arrived.  We are relaxing in Raleigh while waiting for host families to come for dinner.  Hard to believe Freedom Ride: 2015 will begin in three days.  
Group from Cape Town

 Cooling off in the creek in Pete and Beth's back yard, just before starting to cook dinner for host families.

  Phio here,very excited to be part of this amazing experience....loving the SA crew I just met.....looking forth to a great time!
Bertram guides crew in preparing a delicious meal!

Mandy and Lindsay here. It was so amazing to meet such awesome people from Botswana at aunt Beth and uncle Petes' home. Cannot wait for the week that lies ahead. SUPER EXCITED !!!!!!

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