Sunday, July 12, 2015

Host Families

Lee-Ann from Cape Town, South Africa here. I am so excited to be here in North Carolina. The past few days have been such an amazing experience for me. North Carolina is such a beautiful place and so green...I must say that I love the country living...maybe I might move here one day.

Bertram (My husband) and I spent the past few days (since Thursday) in the Crow's Nest - Peter and Beth's home - and what lovely people they are. Beth spent Thursday evening with us and we discussed various issues and differences between South Africa and the USA.

On Friday, Peter took us to a baseball game - The Durham Bulls - the first baseball game EVER!!! I didn't care much for the game (SORRY PEOPLE) but I loved the entertainment in between the innings and the fireworks display was AMAZING!!! Peter was such a trooper taking us out and staying until the very end.

On Saturday, Peter took us to the North Carolina Museum of Art. I was in my element. I love museums and it was amazing to see all these art pieces from all over the world. We then spent the afternoon at a picnic with all the host families where FINALLY I tried Southern Fried Chicken and Mac and Cheese! AMAZING! (You can tell I like the word AMAZING right, but I have no other words to describe this amazing experience) I also went tubing for the first time it was awesome! We had the Go-Pro and watched the video was funny! I enjoyed every moment I spent in the Crow's Nest!

I am excited for this Freedom Ride week and discussing issues of injustice and inequality! #CantWait #levNC #YoungPeopleDoingGodsWork

Hey there! My name is Chante Hendricks from Cape Town, South Africa. This is my first time in the states and it is a dream come true just being here. Ever since we landed here in this beautiful country has been fulled with wonderful experiences that I cannot wait to share with everyone, and my hopes is to one day come back and visit more places. North Carolina reminds me a bit of home, with how everything is surrounded by the beautiful nature God has blessed us with.

Me, along with 3 others from my home town was hosted by Ms Ferina Moses, who we called "momma".  She was a gracious host, and I enjoyed sharing bits of stories and pictures from my own home with her. On Friday we went around on a tour of the different universities in North Carolina ( including Duke University and the University of North Carolina ), which was a sight to see, as the universities are not only good institutions to belong to but also has beautiful campus. On Saturday we went to visit some of the shopping malls and shops that we do not have back home, such as Sephora. Later that evening we met up with the rest of the group and we had a picnic at one of the lakes, we went on a speedboat, something I have not done before and went tubing, wwhich was an AWESOME experience.

I am definitely looking forward to the week ahead and making some new friends #levNC #excited

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