Monday, July 13, 2015

Today we are learning about non violent communication techniques and power dynamics.The Rev. Canon Michael Hunn and The Rev. Lawrence Womack shared important information that will assist us as we look at injustices and our role in bringing the Kingdom of God to God's people everywhere. We must begin by acknowledging that we all have needs. When our needs are being meet, we are fulfilled. When our needs are not meet our feelings can rule how we respond if we are not careful.

Power can be a good and a bad thing. Do you feel powerful? How do you view power? Power when used for one's own purpose is power used for self gain. Power when used to make relationships and connect people in compassion, power used for the good of the whole is power for and of the people. "There is power in the name of Jesus," Rev. Lawrence Womack.

The group has come together to discuss Intent, Impact and Context. Using an article from WRAL dated May 6, 2015. The article details the actions of two East Chapel Hill students who posted a picture of themselves with flags that look similar to the Confederate flag, with the caption, "the South will rise again." Small groups are discussing the intent of the teens who posted this photo, the impact it has had and the context in which these events have taken place.


  1. It's only day 1 and I have already learned so much that I know I will take back home with me and apply to my everyday life!
    -Emily G.

  2. today we learned about power and now i know how to deal with it and how to respond to other people without violence. I'm loving freedom Ride 2015
    -Ana M. L.

  3. seeing all these young people connecting in such a awesome way is really giving me hope for a better world